William levy dating

This poor woman has had to deal with rumors of her man cheating on her time and time again.They've even broken up a few times and even though William proposed to her back in February, we still haven't heard any word on the wedding.Dijo: “Soy un poco vago, ando de un lado para otro y nunca le he prestado atención a los papelitos.

All I ask for is respect for her sake and our children's." Gutierrez also took to to address the report, telling her followers to "never regret anything, especially if you did it for love!

The entertainment world was shocked to learn that William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez had split.

Sure, rumors around the couple, broke them up every time he made a telenovela.

He said: “I’m a bit lazy, I am always from one place to another and I have never paid much attention to those papers.

If tomorrow I have time perhaps I’ll take that step. William Levy siempre ha evitado preguntas sobre el matrimonio.

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