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JSON API is a specification for how a client should request that resources be fetched or modified, and how a server should respond to those requests. If you catch an error in the specification’s text, or if you write an implementation, please let us know by opening an issue or pull request at our Git Hub repository.introducing the option of extracting data from the Power Pivot data model to an Excel table, which you can then import into the Power Pivot data model again after applying some Excel calculation. In this article, you will see how to use this interesting feature in Excel 2013.First, I want to mention the blog post from Kasper De Jonge that presented for the first time the feature that enables writing a DAX query in order to extract data from the data model.

The example below is for a Customer ID combo on an order form.

This solution is best for simple lists where there is only one field, such as choosing a category.

You must set the combo's Limit To List property to Yes, or the Limit To List event won't fire.

The three queries below produce the same result, but none of them succeeded due to the Access error "Operation must use an updatable query". update Customer Sales_Retail as a inner join ( select Customer ID, Sales Date from Customer Sales where Customer ID in (select distinct Customer ID from Customer Sales_Retail) ) as b on a. Step #1: Make-Table query - create an intermediate (temporary but physical) local table To sum up, when we do multiple table updates in MS Access, first we need to make sure that the source table contains unique data in the joined column(s).

Query 1: This is the most common way to do multiple table update in Access. This may be a primary key column or a column with unique index, or columns with combined uniqueness (also known as composite unique index).

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