Tortoisegit updating to revision

Please note, that "REMOTE"/"theirs" in the conflict editor refers to the to the changes your on the branch you selected for pulling/merging and "LOCAL"/"mine" to your HEAD version in your working tree.

For every change you make and commit, you should provide a log message for that change.

This works in a similar manner to comparing with your working tree.

now i want to rollback to the moment before i made the merge how can i achieve that? or simply create a new branch from the last working commit?

It is harder to read than a visual file compare, but will show all file changes together in a compact format.

Compare the selected revision with the previous revision.

Should I do a reset "in that case soft,mix or hard? or should i revert all commits after my last working commit?

tortoisegit updating to revision-73tortoisegit updating to revision-67tortoisegit updating to revision-40tortoisegit updating to revision-69

If there is a newer version available, a dialog shows up informing the user about that and allows to download/install a new version. The filenames are generated as follows: Tortoise Git-(version)-(32|64)for the main installer (if not overridden by .

For a deployment repo this is not a major issue, since the only commits should be ones already committed correctly before being pulled.

However, its sometimes useful to check that the commit markers (head,tags,remotes) look identical to the master repo.

You can write there whatever you want (can also be left empty).

Just note that the space in the upgrade dialog is limited. The line is the URL which is opened when when the user clicks on the (custom) message label in the upgrade dialog.

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