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His father, Joseph, was a steel mill worker, while his mother, Katherine, was a devout Jehovah's Witness.At ten years of age, he was caught playing his father's guitar after he broke a string.‘s reports would presume that the “plaintiffs knowingly allowed themselves to be photographed in salacious, lascivious poses and that they know or should have known that their photos would be, or at least could be used ‘to excite young boys'”.“Radar’s stories were false and defamatory,” their lawyer writes in the lawsuit.“We wanted to try to the best of our ability to fill in the holes, because we lost our mother at a young age,” Taj Jackson said. Now they are kind of edging us, them and our grandmother” to resume their musical career.The brothers each have recording studios at home, and have never stopped making music.But they have only rarely performed publicly in the last 15 years or so, notably for a Michael Jackson tribute concert three years ago.

and says Michael personally consoled him after the incident. By [a family member] on my mom's side of the family when I was a kid." As for Michael, Taj says MJ "was a support system for me and my mom" during his abuse ordeal ...

The brothers decided that focusing on Jackson’s three children was the priority, Taj Jackson said, adding now the kids are pushing them to resume their careers.

TJ has since become the children’s co-legal guardian.

The phenomenal on-again and off-again group is often remembered for its hit songs "I want You Back", "I will be there", "The Love You Save"," 2300 Jackson Street" and many more.

Nevertheless, Tito is very cautious about gay rumors concerning his younger brother Michael.

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