Sex slaves video chat rooms

Sexual grooming of children also occurs on the Internet.

Some abusers will pose as children online and make arrangements to meet with them in person.

Last November, the German news outlets managed to film this illicit slave trade as it was secretly operating in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as make interviews with abducted women's families and the middlemen in Turkey who helped broker the release of some of these women.

Gaziantep is a Turkish city of two million people in southern Turkey near the border with Syria having as its neighbors the Turkish cities of Sanliurfa and Kilis--cities where many ISIS members are have been very active in support in recent years for their terrorist activities.

Some ISIS members have even referenced Sanliurfa (Urfa) as a place for rest and relaxation when they chose to take a break from fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The German reporting featured the case of Hoda Alias and her three children who were abducted and enslaved during the Sinjar massacre of ISIS and were released in November 2015 through money paid to ISIS, via a middleman in Gaziantep.

This is where they had my victim working as a sex slave. “She would get whipped and placed in a room with a padlock, and they wouldn’t feed her for days,” Sylvia says.“The suspect’s mother immediately told him, ‘You’ve got to put her to work as a sex slave.’ The victim had to have sex for a customer,” Silvia reveals.“I was very shocked to hear that this was happening in Jacinto City.” “These people are dangerous,” Silvia warns of the men who run the sex parlors.You may want to consider the consequences of reading any further because the topic is human/sex trafficking, or modern-day slavery.We were in the gallery of Christ Community Church’s downtown campus surrounded by artwork from the Faces of Freedom exhibit — portraits created by artists from around the world depicting people rescued from human trafficking.

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