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Alberto Randazzo spent 15 years with the NYPD, a sergeant who supervised police officers, but in his off-duty hours, he was directing child porn videos on his computer, telling moms he met online to molest their children. This all happened in 2013 and is just being reported today. It has an article with a bit more info Other than this creep being a police officer we have seen several cases where 'moms' are making videos where they are seen molesting or raping their own children for online pedophile perverts. For many of these abused/grossly neglected children the enemy lives right inside of their home and their enemy is the one they call 'Mom.' Imo, all of these so called moms should have been charged with the same charges the POS pedophile was charged with.

We are seeing cases where moms are selling their children to pedophiles for a six pack of beer or drugs. these poor abused innocent children will never really see the full justice they all deserve.

All of you on the internet by now must’ve watched the ‘BBC Dad’ interview in which a professor who was being interviewed via Skype by the BBC gets hilariously interrupted by his two young children.

The viral video spurred many debates and discussions online regarding a wide range of issues like racial bias and work-home balance.

They do NOT use them as sexual objects and sexually abuse them nor make videos of the hideous acts for a pedophile's pleasure. IMO Until our society is willing to face the brutal fact that women...

True moms know they are the line of defense and will protect their children at all cost.

Paul Dykes Jr., 20, and Erin Vickers, 22, are facing a combined 78 charges related to the alleged abuse.

Prosecutors say they were a couple in March 2015, when cops raided Dykes' home and found a horrifying cache of child pornography on his laptop and cellphone.

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This parody interview brilliantly points out just how working moms are often burdened with societal expectations that frankly seem to require superhuman abilities.Not to worry: adult trans activist “glitter” families are “just as real, just as meaningful” as the people who have known and loved you all your life.At , Mc Kinnon, the childless parenting expert, generously offers to be a safe harbor: UPDATE 5/15/17: In the You Tube comments last night, Mc Kinnon confirmed that parental refusal to use pronouns or a new name was tantamount to abuse and a good reason to “walk away” to the queer “glitter family.” The comments were altered this morning, but are archived here.Mc Kinnon, who is childless, spends just under 3 minutes lecturing moms on how to parent kids who might believe they’re trans, then speaks directly to the children (as the You Tube written description puts it, “offer support for trans kids whose parents may not be supportive”): I want you to know that’s it’s ok to walk away from unsupportive or disrespectful or even abusive parents. It’s Mother’s Day, but you trans-identified youngsters shouldn’t be thinking about breakfast in bed or a nice card for mom.And I want to give you hope that you can find what we call your glitter family. No, you need to know it’s perfectly ok to abandon your mother, if she’s not onboard with your sudden mission to change sex.

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