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the Lebanese horror film that was shot twice in Arabic and English, in an area where doing something just once invoking the supernatural is verboten.Partly based on real events, it tells the story of two young directors who return to Lebanon from the US after shooting a documentary film about paranormal activity in their homeland. AXS: What drew you to the art of telling stories with pictures?Such a varied terrain makes for a jam-packed holiday schedule and Student Flights can get you to Lebanon and back with a range of cheap flight options.Some must-see sights include the 12th-century Crusader Castle, which leads trekkers into the L-shaped Temple of Reasheph in the city centre.

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Officially known as the Lebanese Republic, Lebanon borders Syria to the north, Israel to the south and is steeped in tradition and history.

Visitors to Lebanon usually want to check out its 4 distinct regions - the mountain range, Beqaa Valley, coastal plains and Anti-Lebanon Mountains.

The airport has undergone vast reconstruction and refurbishing due to its damage in the Lebanese Civil war and now boasts a modern main terminal with wi-fi, duty-free, shops, restaurants and lounges.

Flights from Australia to Lebanon will require a stopover in one of the Middle East's supercities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha.

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