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This is just their latest below-the-belt dirty trick," Vilar said in a phone interview from Manhattan. Vilar and Tanaka will be resentenced, and Sullivan will handle that.

"I've had eight lawyers and this woman is 10 times better than all of them put together. They're trying to rid me of the one lawyer who has successfully worked for me. I think the prosecutors are trying to embarrass this woman." Naftalis wrote his letter to U. Naftalis said Tanaka and Shevitz have been living together since the fall of 2012 and that her representation of both defendants may be compromised.

Shevitz's response to allegations The case has been grinding along for almost a decade, and Shevitz has argued that Vilar's original attorneys were incompetent.

She was gloriously sarcastic in parts of Monday's response.

The legal system has consistently aimed to define and prosecute date rape cases in such a way as to protect the rights of all involved parties and to maximize the achievement of justice in date rape cases.

National statistics indicate that date rape is far more common than rape that is committed by strangers.

I would like to ask her out, but there is a twofold problem. And the second is that if she doesn’t want to go out with me, it could make for a very uncomfortable situation going forward professionally.

"It is certainly refreshing that nearly 10 years after, the government has so much solicitude for the defendants' rights to effective representation," Shevitz wrote.

Having a prior relationship with a victim does not imply consent.

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before the “legal dealings are finished.” Said The Bard of Avon, “the course of true love never did run smooth.” No worries, young man, we’re going to work through this one together. App.2000)(familial relationship between trial counsel and assistant prosecutor found not to have impaired defendant’s right to the effective assistance of an attorney).

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