How to avoid updating msn

I suppose it makes sense that I get a lot of questions about Windows Update and Patch Tuesday considering the nature of my site.So, instead of trying to answer them all individually every time they pop up, here's a really big page of Q&A's that should help out.

But there's one problem with app auto-update that may be bothersome to some. App updating in Windows 8.1 works completely differently from the original shipping version of Windows 8.

In Windows 8.1, Windows Store is set up to automatically download install app updates.

Which is a good thing: Most users will probably prefer this behavior, safe in the knowledge that their apps will always be up-to-date, with no requirement on their part. Since Windows 8.1—like Windows Phone, by the way—doesn't have a notification center, there's also no indication that anything has changed.

With the advent of the Internet, computers have been able to receive constant updates and support from manufacturers.

These updates can range from new software for improving the functionality of the computer to important security updates that will protect against viruses and malware.

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