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I’ve learned that money and opportunities come and go, but your friends and family are always there to help you when you need it.

I hope one day I can pass down those qualities to a family of my own, and it’s why I work so hard today.

Good Generic Example #1 Let’s face it, I don’t live the life of a rock-star or famous athlete …

but those guys are always getting caught cheating on their wives, so why would I want to live that life?

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Unfortunately real, honest guys like me often get passed over because we don’t stand out among the hundreds on here trying to find a date by auto-blasting e-mails they have stored up on a hard drive.

Start by finding the dating site that's right for you and your budget.

Then, do your research; think about what you are looking for, and find out how to attract that kind of person.

If you haven't dipped your toe in the online dating pool yet, the prospect of diving in can be overwhelming.

With hundreds of dating sites and hundreds of thousands of potential partners, even knowing where to begin is difficult.

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    I was quite impressed with how the selection process worked and how close matches were politically, religiously, educationally, and sexually among many other things. I warn you that I may speak discriminatorily and highly judgmentally in the next few paragraphs; and that has to do with either how I presented myself on Ok Cupid or how most women who use Ok Cupid behave.

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    More times than I’d like to admit, I’ve been so lost in my own thoughts that I’ve become oblivious to the rest of the world. Ashamedly, I’ve had to look over at her and say, “I’m sorry, honey.

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