Developing and validating measures of temperament in livestock

50th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology.

You Tube to the rescue: factors influencing feather damaging behaviours in parrots.

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The basic premise of these concepts is that animals exhibit consistent individual differences in behavioural and physiological responses across a wide range of different environmental challenges.The long-term longitudinal study enabled clarification of the relationship between responses of heifers to first machine milking and their earlier responses to behavioural tests.In this general discussion, I will consider the results in a wider context, and also specifically focus on (i) the multidimensional nature of response patterns to stress, (ii) the significance of individual differences in stress responsiveness in (farm) animals, and (iii) some practical implications of the findings of this thesis.Using a systematic, replicable literature search strategy, the aim of this study was to find published, peer-reviewed instruments for Qo L assessment in dogs and to assess the quality of these.CAB Abstracts and Pub Med were searched in July 2013 using terms relevant to dogs, wellbeing and Qo L. When instruments were not published in full, authors were contacted to obtain them.

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