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By about 1873, Levi Strauss and a man named Jacob Davis collaborated and patented the riveting process for reinforcing stress points on the overalls and for which vintage Levi’s have been identified and become famous.

In 1878, the first synthetic indigo dye is invented by a German chemist named Adolf Von Baeyer.

introduced the first “pantaloons” now known as jeans, that they would be the precursor to what is today one of the worlds most popular fashion statements.

The modern metal zipper was invented in 1914 and used in galoshes and bags until 1927, after which they were also used in men’s trousers. Machines were not in common use for civilian garments until after 1845.

They were not common in women’s dresses until the late 1930s. Machine chain stitch came first, followed by lockstitch. Hand-sewn and machine-sewn construction (as opposed to hand-sewn finishing) coexisted for years – until the 1880s, if not later.

A generation emerged suspicious of the government, rejecting the conformist values of Cold War America and demanding cultural and social change.

Breaking with the confines of the past, the Summer of Love brought with it a new sartorial silhouette.

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