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This episode is sponsored by really need to listen to this before i like but i just love the initial question.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? When is an appropriate time to tell someone you have herpes?

Suggesting you find an everyday transsexual to fuck. These are just a few of the great services offered by Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson each week on the Guys We Fucked podcast.

Today, the girls of Sorry About Last Night sit down with Corinne's boss at the spa, "J", for a verbal trip through her very interesting life.

i mean to me it seems like y'all just don't want to be called whores or judged for your sexual behavior because it makes you feel bad, but you'll judge people for any other reason.

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Are you a bad friend if you can't find the right words after your gal pal gets molested? These questions and more are answered on this week's very special episode of #Guys We Fucked featuring Corinne's roommate/actor/fellow alpha female/Pinkerton's mom -- KRISTIN FRIEDLANDER!Verbreed je SEO strategie, en besluit gratis mijn link te plaatsen!Oh, it's been an exciting week for the girls at Guys We Fucked, but don't you worry, they haven't gone big time just yet!Vanessa is that friend we all have who things..seem to happen to.From getting her finger forced into a guy's bunghole to cold-calling dudes to sell them cock cream to the time she was roofied on a business trip, this one's a fun Friday listen. Follow the Guys We Fucked playlist on Spotify (user name: The Penta) ERKSu Jtf So INCR?

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